Mason DeMayo

Hometown: Raymore, MO

Branch of Service: Missouri Air National Guard

Years of Service: 4 years

Duty Stations/Deployment: Whiteman AFB, Mo.

Military Honors: Distinguished Unit Award

Major: Civil Engineering

Campus/Community Involvement: Engineering Steel Bridge Team, Global Brigades, and American Society of Civil Engineers.

Favorite Campus Tradition: Since I took my first visit at Mizzou I’ve known about the Shamrock that sits outside of the engineering building. Legend has it that whoever walks across this stone is destined to marry an engineer. With that being said, I had to trick my then girlfriend to walk across the stone and proceeded to tell her the story behind it. But, we’re now planning our wedding for this fall!

Advice you would give to other student veterans: My advice would be to take on the amount of course work that is appropriate for yourself. Some students can manage 17 hours every semester, while some do best at 12 hours. Just remember that college is not a race and to take everything at your own pace. But, if you do think that you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to admit it and ask for help because chances are you’re not the first person to be struggling in the same area.

Favorite Columbia Hangout: Stankowski field. I’m no great athlete by any means, but I’ve spent quite a few different days or even nights out at Stankowski playing football, throwing a baseball, learning how to play ultimate frisbee, or even a random soccer game at midnight. Going there with a group of friends and a few hours of free time has never disappointed!

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