COVID-19 Grading Option and GI Bill Benefits

Impact of non-punitive grade of unsatisfactory on military affiliated students using GI Bill® benefits

Updated April 1, 2020


If I choose the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade option for my spring 2020 courses, will a grade of unsatisfactory impact my GI Bill® benefit payment?


Based upon recent guidance from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in light of COVID-19, the rule has been temporarily modified. Following is a quote from that guidance.

Should IHL’s report enrollment changes when they convert from a standard grade scale (A, B, C…) to a Pass/Fail or other grading system due to COVID-19 national emergency?
Although VA does not typically make payments for classes resulting in nonpunitive grades, if COVID 19 is reported as mitigating circumstances for the student’s receipt of a nonpunitive grade (i.e., Fail in a Pass/Fail class) VA will pay for the class.

The MU Student Veterans Resource & Support Center will enter COVID-19 as a mitigating circumstance for any grade of unsatisfactory.  If you have questions please consult the MU Student Veterans Resource & Support Center. The best way to reach the center is by email at

Source: School Certifying Official Handbook, page 83

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